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Pink Citron Hand Cream

Pink Citron Hand Cream

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Voluspa’s hand-crafted fine fragrances and luxurious creamy coconut base are translated into the ultimate aromatic hand therapy experience. Complete your daily routines lathered in your beloved Maison Fragrances, inspired by the beauty of art and nature. Available in a variety of fragrances and formats, each ignites your senses with flawless scent performance. Enter a world where fine fragrance and daily rituals go hand in hand.

Voluspa began in a California kitchen, as a labor of love—for the world, and all the ways scent lets you explore it. From the first handcrafted collection, Voluspa has grown into a global celebration of scent; with each new fragrance designed to take your senses on a flight of fancy, and transport you through your daydreams—to a time, a place, a moment, as vivid as a memory.

With inspiration as their guide, each collection brings together ingredients to capture the essence of the adventure through layers of scent and expressive artistry.
In all ways, Voluspa is the product of passion, chased and fulfilled— built around a team with a wealth of expertise and a collective devotion to bringing beauty and inspiration into your home, so that it may light your way— wherever your journeys may lead.


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